New Street Adventure’s latest single ‘Be Somebody’ is released TODAY!

Here is the video for the single, which is available to download digitally from iTunes HERE:

The bands’ debut album “No Hard Feelings” is released in 7 days time on the 27th October and is currently available to pre-order from on CD, LP or as digital download. (Digital download comes with the benefit of getting 2 of the tracks INSTANTLY!)

Acid Jazz

Mark Morris Interview

We caught up with Mark Morriss for a quick chat.

1. What is your favorite song from A Flash Of Darkness?

A: Hmmm, tricky this… because they each have quite distinctive characters to which I’m drawn depending on my mood. Or whether or not I had a decent breakfast that day. But in terms of the most satisfying to play, I’d probably plump for ‘It’s Hard To Be Good All The Time’. I often open my live shows with that one, it starts me off from a very good vantage point, if you know what I mean.

2. Who is Consuela and why did you write a song about her?

A: Well here’s the thing… there is no ‘Consuela’ per se. I was really just riffing on the musicality of the word, and the song just formed around it. It’s one of those very satisfying words to say out out loud. “Consuela’. Go on, give it a try… ‘Consuela’. Feels good, no? ‘Consuuuueeeeeelllla’. And rest.

3. Which of your song’s would you like somebody else to cover?

A: Oddly enough when I was writing and recording ‘Guilty Again’ I was already visualizing Pink performing it. Just couldn’t get her voice out of my head… especially during the chorus. I even imagined her filming a video for it. Giving her ex-boyfriend, or current squeeze I don’t know, a really hard time about something or other.

4. Favorite drink?

A: Easy. Earl Grey tea. With milk. No sugar.

5. Where is the most interesting place that you’ve been drunk?

A: The Natural History Museum.

6. Your album is entitled ’ A Flash Of Darkness,’ are you tempted by the Dark side of the force?

A: Seriously, who isn’t? When you’re a kid it’s all about the Jedi, but as you one moves through life you find yourself identifying more and more with tetchy old Darth and the Emperor. And their no-nonsense approach to going about the business of keeping the galaxy in check.

7. Are you a Boy Band?

A: Almost. Had a trapped nerve recently so did some shows whilst sat on a stool. Still made it to my feet for ALL the key changes though.

8. Have you any forthcoming gigs?

A: I’m playing somewhere or other pretty much every weekend of the year, but all my live dates can be found at my website.

9. Your lyrics are often melancholic, is song-writing a cathartic release?

I think it’s more that I find it more natural to draw beauty from sad things. There is a great comfort and warmth in the melancholy I think, a connect that is more profound than joyous music.

10. Tickle or be tickled?

Be tickled. Tickling, when used irresponsibly can be a form of subjugation and torture. I don’t need tht on my conscience.

11. What is your favourite guitar chord?

A. Am

12. Is Elvis really dead?

Yes. Finally.

13. Does your song ‘This Is The Lie And That’s The Truth’ hint towards the works of the Cat Stevens?

A: Apparently.

14. Really?

A: Yeah.

15. Have you ever tried to ‘Rap’?

A: Not ‘rap’ as such, no… but there is an old Bluetones b-side called ‘Fock Da Brain-hole’ in which I had an attempt at on the spot spontaneous lyric writing and shouting. I suppose it could be misconstrued as rapping in some circles, but really it’s just a collision of raw art, peotry and about 140cl of Chianti.

16. Who is your favorite author?

A: Still Kurt Vonnegut. He’s the writer I re-read the most. JD Salinger a close second, though.

17. Other than yourself, who is your favorite artist on Acid Jazz Records?

A: Well I’m kinda biased because I’m in his backing band, but for me it’s Matt Berry. ‘Kill The Wolf’ is a stunningly well realised piece of work, and he has a knack of writing melodies which really do get under your skin.

18. What is your favorite movie?

A: Happy Feet 2.